Objectives of the Privatisation andCommercialization Programme    


The objectives of the Privatisation and Commercialisation programme are: 

  1. To restructure and rationalise the public sector in order to lessen the dominance of unproductive investments in the sector; 

  2. To re-orientate the enterprises for privatisation and commercialisation towards a new horizon of performance improvement, viability and efficiency; 

  3. To raise funds for financing socio-economic developments in such areas as health, education and infrastructure; 

  4. To ensure positive returns on pubic sector investments in commercialised enterprises, through more efficient management; 

  5. To check the present absolute dependence on the Treasury for funding by otherwise commercially oriented parastatals and so, encourage their approach to the Nigerian Capital Market to meet their funding requirements; 

  6. To initiate the process of gradual cession to the private sector of such public enterprises which are better operated by the private sector;  to create more jobs, acquire new knowledge and technology and expose the country to international competition.